Missouri Assistive Technology

In Missouri, iCanConnect is administered by Missouri Assistive Technology (MoAT), whose mission is to increase access to assistive technology for Missourians with all types of disabilities. MoAT serves approximately 20,000 Missourians of all ages each year.

Through iCanConnect, Missourians with combined hearing and vision loss have access to modern telecommunication tools and the training needed to use them. The program helps people meet their distance communication needs.

Among those who have signed up for iCanConnect Missouri is Brittany, who is non-verbal, but is known as an expressive woman with an infectious smile and laugh. Brittany reads and writes braille and needed new technology to help her schedule rides to and from work, and to keep in touch with friends and family. In particular, Brittany wanted to remain close to her mother, who lives out of town.

She received a Braille Sense U2 Notetaker and an iPhone, with which, she can text and send instant messages.  Brittany is now active with social media and also schedules social events for the Deaf Blind Social Club. 

Contact Information

Missouri Assistive Technology

Brenda Whitlock

1501 NW Jefferson Street

Blue Springs, Missouri 64105


Phone: (816) 655-6700

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