Mobile Devices

RealSAM Pocket Voice-Operated Unlocked 5G Smartphone

Manufacturer: RealSAM
Model Number: V1
Equipment Category: Mobile Devices

RealSAM Pocket meets the needs of the blind and visually impaired. This smart phone replaces complicated phone interfaces with simple voice commands. It lets you to communicate by voice call or (voice-operated) text, reduces isolation by allowing you to stream content, and supports your independence with handy assistance tools. All this by just using your voice. Just tap the screen and talk. It’s that simple. The RealSAM Pocket does all of this without dumbing down the Smart Phone; the device itself is the Samsung Galaxy A13, a powerful 5G phone. It is unlocked and compatible with any USA carrier. What makes it usable to the visually impaired is the Android interface has been replaced with a far simpler interface and the phone also responds to voice commands and spoken questions. For example you can say, “Call my daughter” and it will make the call. Unlocked, works with any carrier.