Manufacturer: HumanWare
Model Number:
Equipment Category: Braille Devices

40 cell refreshable braille display with standalone applications
Equipped with Bluetooth 5 for a more reliable and stable connection
Connect to 5 Bluetooth devices and 1 USB as a braille display
KeySoft Lite – Intuitive and seamless user experience with standalone productive applications.
Onboard braille translation, allows to translate braille to print and vice versa
32GB Internal storage
Daisy book player
Victor Reader application– Download resources from Bookshare, NLS BARD and other libraries
Supports various file types including DOCX, DOC, TXT, BRF, BRL, and more
Dimensions 12.2″x 3.4″x 0.7″
Weight 1.43 lbs.

HumanWare’s new Brailliant BI display is designed for extensive reading with the full comfort and intuitive display navigation of HumanWare’s signature thumb keys. This new generation of Brailliant BI braille displays features the excellent, sharp and crisp braille cell technology that users have praised on the BrailleNote Apex.

What’s in the box: USB Cable, Power adaptor NA-USB, CD drivers, Notice Braille, User Guide, Neoprene carrying case