iCC in Montana Independent Record Health Brief

July 18, 2013
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Hearing/vision loss aids

This summer, iCanConnect Montana will be informing citizens how it can benefit people with combined vision loss living anywhere in Montana. ICanConnect is the outreach arm of the program, funded by the Federal Communications Commission and now entering its second year.

Today, National Program Director Steven M. Rothstein will be in Helena to meet with state agencies, nonprofits and consumer groups. The goal is to work with local stakeholders to get the word out so more people know they may be eligible to receive free communications equipment that can keep them connected to family, friends and community.

On July 1, 2014, the FCC announced iCanConnect Montana will be allocated another $71,000, on top of its $70,000 2013 allocation, to put assistive technology in the hands of low-income people with combined hearing and vision loss. Technology often comes with a high price tag, but iCanConnect Montana offers a wide array of options — from iPads to phone amplifiers to screen-reading software — all designed to make distance communications easier for people with vision and hearing loss.

To learn more about equipment, assessment and training offered through the National Deaf Blind Equipment Distribution Program by logging on to www.ican

connect.org/Montana or by calling 1-800-825-4595 or 1-888-320-2656 (TTY).