VGA - 2 Port Powered Switch

Image of VGA - 2 Port Powered Switch

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This VGA switch enables one VGA monitor to be switched between two computers.Supports high-resolution (1900x1200).
Compatible with PCs, SUNs, and MACs with VGA video.
Both inputs are terminated in 75 ohms.
Input and output connectors located on rear panel.
Has 150 MHz bandwidth.
Video InputsTwo male 15 pin HD input connectors.
75 ohm input impeadance.
Video OutputOne female 15 pin HD output connector.
The output can drive a standard 75 ohm load.
1900x1200 resolution with no degradation
 ControlTouch button with LED indication of port selection
Size WxDxH(inches): 8.0x6.2x2.6
Power110 or 220 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz via AC adapter
Included with unit3-foot multicoax interface cable included